Touchmark Foundation Golf Tournament

Monday, April 24, 2017 by Gene Miller

Thank you for supporting the Touchmark Foundation Golf Tournament. The tournament is the Foundation’s largest fundraiser, and you are playing a key role in helping the Foundation realize its mission: To enhance the well-being of seniors. 

Golf Tournament Group Shot

This tournament has earned the reputation of being one of the most enjoyable fundraising tournaments in the area. Be prepared to enjoy a full day of fun, golf, food, drinks, friendly competition, prizes, and more!

About the Foundation

The Touchmark Foundation is a public charity formed by Touchmark in 2002. Relying on volunteers, with no paid staff, means that nearly 90% of funds raised are available for charitable activities.

The Foundation’s two largest charitable efforts are:

  •  Awarding nursing scholarships to students and teachers in the nursing field
  • Providing food boxes during the holidays to help alleviate hunger among seniors and families in need

During 2016, the Foundation will provide funding for our 100th nurse scholarship. Already this year, scholarships have been awarded to students and nurse educators in Oklahoma, Washington, and Oregon. Over the years, scholarships have been awarded to students representing 14 states.

This year, the Foundation commences a three-year research project with Washington State University. The Health Assistive Smart Home Project will use infrared motion sensors, machine learning, and nurses to detect, interpret, and respond to changes in participants’ lives and care. The study will continue to expand on our nation’s growing health care knowledge and care practices. In short, the Project will help health care practitioners deliver “care between care,” which means providing care to people between their normally scheduled appointments.

Serving the traditionally underserved

While seniors have made great advances in the public policy arena through advocacy groups such as AARP, there are not nearly enough organizations providing direct assistance or addressing long-term senior issues.

This at a time when—thanks to increased life expectancies in the United States and Canada—seniors are becoming a larger segment of the population. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of people 65 and older is expected to double by 2060, reaching more than 90 million individuals. The growth of those 85 and older is projected to be even more dramatic, more than tripling to 18.2 million.

It is a fact that older individuals require more care for chronic illnesses. It is also true that the world continues to struggle with the current shortage of nurses. For this reason, the Touchmark Foundation is dedicated to help address this looming crisis by supporting men and women who teach nursing as well as those pursuing a nursing career.

Nutritional deficiencies also plague many seniors. Today, the Meals on Wheels People organization estimates that one in six older adults is threatened by hunger. With the changing demographics, the number of seniors needing nutritional assistance will grow significantly. The Touchmark Foundation food box program helps to feed those who are hungry.

Thank you for supporting the important work of the Touchmark Foundation.

Enjoy the Golf Tournament!

Meet one of our recent scholarship recipients … 

Noel Chen
UPMC’s Mercy Hospital School of Nursing

Dear Touchmark Foundation,

Words cannot express the joy that I hold. Being selected as a scholarship recipient means much more than having an extra $1,000 to put towards school. Your decision tells me that you have hope in me to do well in my college endeavors, and that hope fuels my motivation to excel.

Thank you so very much for presenting me with this scholarship.

Noel Chen





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